Cremation Memorials or Memorials for a Single Space


Cremation Memorials & Single Space Memorials

It is commonly believed that with cremation, a cemetery memorial is not ever included. However, with more and more individuals requesting cremation, we have found that many choose to not only have a memorial, but also include the cremated remains with the memorial itself. These memorials will mark the plot where the cremains are buried.
Although many individuals choose to have their cremated remains scattered over a place that is important to them, some feel that this can leave a gap in the family legacy. Without a memorial, it can feel as if there is a break in the story of the family. When you call us, we can provide you with a monument that provides a record of one's life to last for years to come. We can create a monument as a tribute to their beliefs, their passions, and what they have accomplished in life. When their legacy is carved into stone, it will last for many generations for you and your family to admire.

When you call us or visit us, we can show you how we can design the best memorial to remember those that you love. We can even utilize single space memorials for either one burial or two cremations over one grave space.